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Wrap a tape-measure around your head at the position of the brim of the future hat. The amount of centimeters is your hatsize. You could also use a piece of string and measure the amount of string needed.

need a bag

Route: Ladies HatsCloche hat dark blue velvet 55

Cloche hat dark blue velvet 55

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Product Code: d-5013-55-4

Stock / Voorraad: 1

Price: € 19,90
Size / Maat (cm) : 55
Length / Lengte (cm) : 25,5
Width / Breedte (cm) : 24,5
Height / Hoogte (cm) : 11,5
Brim / Rand (cm) : 3 - 4
Material / Materiaal : Velvet (fluweel)
Color / Kleur # : +/- 5013
Merk / Brand :  
Extra info :