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What's your hatsize?

Wrap a tape-measure around your head at the position of the brim of the future hat. The amount of centimeters is your hatsize. You could also use a piece of string and measure the amount of string needed.

need a bag


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Cork strips (set of 2)

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Product Code: corkstrips

Stock / Voorraad: 37

Price: € 1,00

2 Cork strips
25 cm long, 2 cm wide, 2,2 mm thick

Place 1 strip under the leather inner band of a hat to reduce size by a half (e.g. from size 57 to 56,5).
Place 2 strips to almost reduce it a full size (e.g. from size 57 to 56). 

Can be used to narrow the gap on the sides of a hat if needed for better fitting.

Only works with leather inner bands with enough room to insert a strip.
Does not work on inner ribbons (women's hats).

To be ordered with a hat.
Can be ordered seperately from 10 sets or more.